The Floors

This page will be where I post the progress of the floor pan
Here is the original floor:
As you can see, it has rust in the normal places: the 4 foot areas. Over all, this car is clean and not much rust at all.
Here is a close up of the damage

The new floor and supports came in.

Drilling out the first spot welds

The seat support removed. No new rust here.
A lot of people would go for quarter pans and weld them in but the car had no seams from the factory so we decided to make it look right with a whole pan

Most of the floor is gone now

first test fit of the pan. Very little trimming on the back corners. While it is a little bulky, I am able to fit it in by myself (thanks to the car being a convertible!)

The frame by the toe area had rust

We cut sections out of the seat pan supports to fix the rust

again, using the original metal in as much rust repair as I can

My friend Kyle K. welding up the torque boxes

Se we will be putting in about 400hp and wanted to stiffen up the frame with connectors. The convertible connectors drop way down to clear the bottom seat pan supports (Convertibles only). This kills our ground clearance so I got a little creative. I cut in coupe connectors and welded them in solid. 

Here is the pan being marked for cutting.

A mock up in the car. You can see how I reclaimed my ground clearance. With a 2" drop, we will need all we can get.

To better understand, here is the floor mocked up in stands. the 2 square tubes are what I am adding on.

Another shot of my clearance. Nothing here is lower than any other car part!

More to come!!!

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