Rear Axle

So Somehow I deleted this page and had to start all over. So here we go again. 
Here is the rear axle still in the car and with the original drum brakes. 

It is a base 8" and week.
Its out and draining.
Here all of the dirt and the paint is removed.

Ready for self etching primer/sealer.
Look at the candy that will be going on it!!!

Cleaned and painted the hardware.
The fresh axle is set up (just for looks)

Isn't she pretty!

Under the car and out of the way (but not installed)
Here is the NEW center section (hogs head/differential) 

Painted ford red.

Here is a before and after of the spring plate/perches 

Got the axel assembled tonight. Looks great!

A few more shots of the axle. I will be looking for someone to press on the new axle bearings  tomorrow.

I put the original info plate back on even tho it isn't accurate now.

Here is a nice comparison of the before and after. Notice the extra ribs in the case for strength. 

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