Shock Tower Deletes

So with the new TCI front suspension, The factory shock towers are no longer needed. They cramp up the engine bay and are prone to rust. So they gotta go. You can see the removal on my Front Suspension Page
Here are the beast the way ford though they should be.
Now here they are NOT!
Left side
The TCI kit provided some pre-fabbed panels but they are straight and don't look very stock. 
Another shot. You can imagine how this would look pained. Just a big old plain spot. No worries, I have a plan...
Thanks to S & D Auto Restoration for the use of their bead roller. If you need work done, Give David a call at 252-714-2255. He does great work and is a good ol boy! 
Here is my first attempt at a bead. I'm putting in three on each side and staggering them the way I  would think Ford would have done it.

Much thinks to Nathan for cranking the handle for an hour!
As with all bead rollers, the end and beginning "fades", rather than a nice sharp curve, once again, I have a plan...
Using a flat ended chisel and a body hammer, I flattened the end and rounded the beads.
Here is a close up of the work. Since I am working on the back (hidden) side, these marks will never be seen.
The finished panel.

Close up of my end work. 
Here they are sitting in place.
You can see how it looks way better than the flat piece from  before.
Finished beads. By the way: this adds a bunch of strength to the panels.  Not bad for my first ever bead rolling.

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