The Front Suspension

If you have ever driven one of these, then you know what a '5 point turn' is!!! These things are tankers!
Thanks to TCI for engineering a replacement suspension that brings handling into this century.
Here is the 46 year old tech! Turns like a train track and stops like a train.
Shock towers serve to support the car and keep anyone from stealing spark plugs!
My boy Isaiah is a work horse! And I have never seen anyone so natural and at home with a blow torch!!!

Old and new A arm

Old and new shocks!

Old and new brakes

These will be sold

These will be GONE!

Kyle get'n destructive!

Look at that room!

All gone!

Filler panels mocked up

Ready to weld in the TCI frame supports. This includes 3 pieces that totally box in the frame (over the original one)

Drilling out the alignment holes

TCI componentes being fitted. This is the new shock tower and upper A-Arm mount.
A closer view: They provided alignment holes that need to be drilled through the frame. Then using the supplied bold to align and hold it all in place for welding. Very cleaver and clear TCI!!!!

I did have to grind the new crossmember to get it to fit. I only removed enough to make it a tight fit. It is staying in place here with no clamps or spot welds. 

Another view. The round pipes are for the lower A-Arm and the inner tabs are to mount the new steering rack

I mounted the rest of this side to see if everything was lined up (and I really wanted to see it in place!!!)

You are looking at: upper and lower tubular A-Arms, adjustable coil-over shocks, drilled and slotted rotors and Wilwood Daynalight calipers. (oh yeah, all you need to change the brakes is a pair of pliers to remove one carter pin!!!)

Same as above but from the front looking back. yeah, I drooled a little!!!

More to come...

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