Shock Tower Deletes Part 2

Here you see the new filler panel for the shock tower removal. This drastically opens up the engine bay and cleans things up. The new suspension does not need the towers so neither do we.

 You can see one of the 4 rust areas here. 

This is the right side and a better look at the rust problem. The rust goes through the top and bottom layers so both will need replacing.

I was able to salvage metal from the front inner fender wall that is being replaced. I always like to use original metal whenever possible.

Here is the first patch panel that I made.

As compared to the part I cut out. The round holes are where I drilled out the spot welds.

On to another side. I drilled out the welds then cut the bottom layer out. 

Some spot welds and new upper and lower layers fabbed up.

Here is the new inner fender in place and delete plate in place for fitting.

A rough shot before welds ground down.

Looking better. 

Welds cleaned up and paint removed. Things are looking nice. And yes, most of this will never be seen.

Here is another shot looking towards the front of the car.

Even though these wholes will be covered by the new delete kit, I want them exactly like they were from the factory so I punched and drilled them out. 

On to welding in the tower delete kit. They are made to be bolted in but I don't see the need to ever remove them so I am plug welding them in. See other "Shock Tower Delete" page for more info on how I did the relief lines for strength. 

Other side (Driver).

Here is a look at all the parts in place. 

Now the welds are cleaned and the panels are primed.

Another overall view of the work done today.

Here is a before and after of the rust repairs.

This is a stock engine bay as compared to ours with the towers removed.

Over all, this was a very productive day. Next up is cleaning the undercarriage for primer and paint.

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