Smoothing out the firewall.

Do to the newer engine and components going in the stang, The firewall is full of holes that will not be needed. To clean things up, I filled them in. 

Starting with the passenger side. All I need here is the large hole and the four small mounting holes around it. The rest need to go.

This side is more trouble. I have to make sure I don't close anything I need.

Paint and dirt gone

Cut out plug #1

Plug in place

3 plugs in place with magnets

drilling a new hole where the indention was.

All plugs in and ready for welding....more to come.
Started to weld up the plugs

Almost done and looking as good as expected
I really don't like this extrusion around the ac opening. Also the goofy one sticking out to the right.
Hey, I figured out how to get rid of the extrusion!!!!
Actually a lot of the metal was just to thin to finish without a lot of bondo and there was another problem:
The AC lines would have been about 5" away from the firewall. With shock towers in place, this would not be an issue but as you know from HERE, we got rid of those!

Just cutting the hole, you can see how far over I can move the AC to get the lines closet to the wall.

I'm also able to raise the unit up since I will be making new holes to mount it. But this isn't good enough....yet!

After modifying under the dash a bit with a torch and a hammer (I'm an artist and these are my brushes!) I was about to get the lines about a inch away from the wall and a little higher! Now we are talking! 

On to the drivers side until my sheet metal comes in. We need most of these big holes but not the little one. Looked like it was in a gun fight before! The holes I don't need here will be plugged with grommets. You never know when you need to add something. Plus the brakes and junk will hide most of this stuff anyway.

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